January 24, 2020

Quality Pre Owned Vehicles and Service

The history of Shohola Automotive.

Shohola Autos was established in 2016 as an expansion of Majestic Transpiration Services, a vehicle transportation company.  This is a family owned company, and I started Shohola for families.


It started moving cars.  The business first started with a few contracts with auto dealers in the area.  The dealers would go to auctions, buy cars at wholesale, and resell them at their physical locations.  To get their inventory from the auctions to their dealership was and still is my job.  I built a reputation I am proud of based on a strong work ethic and honesty above all else.  Soon, my contracts grew and in addition to moving vehicles to and from auction, I was contracted by several OEM’s to transport vehicles that where returned as “Lemons”.  I also transport fleet vehicles around the region.  Having worked in the vehicle transportation industry for 20 years I have learned a lot – about cars trucks and SUVs, but even more about the industry.

As a husband and father I want the best for my family, just like you.  Unfortunately, my experience in the industry has shown that not all of my colleagues share my level of integrity.  Many of my friends would seek my advice before they begin their search for a used vehicle because I know the history of vehicle models and what to look for by vehicle make model and type.  After many sessions guiding friends and family, I thought it was time to provide that service to others in the area.

My transport company continues to grow, and I needed space.  That is what brought me to Shohola.  That is when I teamed with my longtime friend who is one of the best mechanics I have known and we set up Shohola Maintenance.  Working with customers who where in for service, they would, like my friends, ask our advice on searching for cars.  It was then that, I realized it was time to share my knowledge with others like me and my friends who are looking for good vehicles for their families, vehicles they feel comfortable handing the keys to the 16 year old new driver.

I decided that while I am at these auctions, I would keep an eye out for the types of vehicles I would want for my family and friends.  I would buy these vehicles and bring them to Shohola as a service to our customers.  So I don’t consider us a “used car dealer”, I don’t have a cheesy plaid jacket.  We are vehicle transporters and maintainers that have an inventory of cars for sale that we would buy ourselves.

I hope I can help you with your search.  Even if you don’t buy a car from Shohola, I hope we can be a resource for you while you do the thing most people dread — buying a used auto.

Thanks for stopping by!

Victor and Mike

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This site is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only. It was created as a project for a course at Boston University. The real site for Shoholaautos will be available soon.

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